Review: Edinburgh celebrates science

 作者:闵肿     |      日期:2019-03-01 01:11:00
The 1993 Science Festival opens on 10 April with a rich mixture of exhibitions, conferences, lectures and family activities. Like the theatre festival, the venues are scattered across the centre of the city. The Royal Museum of Scotland houses the London Science Museum’s DNA Fingerprinting Science Box, the City Arts Centre has an exhibition Chernobyl: The Legacy , which examines through diaries, secret government documents, film and TV footage the results of the fire that led to nuclear disaster, while the Royal Botanic Gardens has displays on its history and work, including Garden in the Desert. Activities include a computer arcade sponsored by Intel to demonstrate the latest games, the Magical Mathworks Travelling Circus and a chance to explore Fundamental Physics. You can tour the world in 80 minutes or follow in the footsteps of women of science. Malcolm Longair lectures on the birth of the Universe, Erika Hagelberg on ancient DNA and David Weeks on gifted children. *This year’s Edinburgh Festival runs from 10 to 24 April. Ring 031-557 4296 for tickets, or write to the Science Festival Box Office, c/o The Ticket Centre, 31-33 Waverley Bridge,